Wednesday, May 2, 2007

"Surround Yourself with the Magic"
The Window to the Magic Podcast is the first West Coast Podcast I had listened to. Paul Barrie and his son Patrick take turns on the show and they have one of the coolest catch-phrases. They do what they say. I found this podcast after listening to Paul and Ricky Brigante from Inside the Magic talk about the Disney Year in Review. The jist of this Podcast is to let you feel as if you are in the parks. Ride-Thrus and Walk-Thrus with and without commentary is the main-stay of this podcast. I hear so much of the background noises on these shows that I miss when I am actually at the parks. WTTM brings you everywhere, not just the rides. On any given show you can hear the inside of a favorite Disney Tavern, or hear one of the many musical shows that perform around the parks. My favorie shows are where they would start at Rope drop and then walk into the Park. Can you guess where they are by just the background noise? Their podcast is 75% Disneyland and the rest Disney World. That might be changing as we go. After last years Mousefest, there were a bunch of WDW broadcasts from WTTM. They do have guest hosts on occasion. Window To the Magic also has a great selection of park audio and video CD’s DVD's for purchase at their Store Page. They are part of the Disney Podcast Network and post new shows on Sunday. Earplugs are a must for this show, so shove them in, turn up the volume and Surround Yourself with the Magic.


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