Friday, May 25, 2007

An EarlyBirthday Gift

Look What I Got

This past week my parents came up from North Carolina to visit. We had a fun time and I got a very nice surprise, an early Birthday gift. When I was down in Epcot last December as we were touring through China I really admired the exhibit of the Terra Cotta Scale model soldiers that were found buried in china. As I was going through the gift shop I noticed that they had even smaller version of the soldiers for sale at $60. I thought that was a great price but could not figure how to get it home. The statue although smaller than the originals was still about 16” tall. It would break going home on the plane and how would I even carry it. And it weighed about 8 pounds, so shipping was out. I was bummed out but that’s life. Flash forward to the other day when Mom and Dad pull out this big wrapped box. And wouldn’t you know it, I now own the Kneeling Soldier Waiting to Fire w/ movable head. I also found the one person that read the Trip report I had posted on the dis-boards where I complained about my regrets about not getting the statue, Mom. She had read it after we had gotten back. They when they were in WDW with my brother and family in Feb. she had grabbed it. They had driven down to WDW so getting it home was easy. Even the box it came in has a look of authenticity. This is one product I am happy it was made in China. If you want to take a look at the exhibit at Epcot or the real statues and the original dig, check out these links.
This link is to a site called and note the third picture down. There are a couple of the type I have that have no heads.
As for where put it, I think I will be re-doing the office and it should look nice up there. Any other suggetsions as to where to display it? Near the fireplace? Outside in the Garden? We'll see.

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