Wednesday, July 31, 2013

The MagicBands at WDW are Almost There!

WE are back from our huge trip to Florida and I promise many posts to come. 

As I was going through pictures I came across three pictures I took at the Contemporary Hotel.  I just want to make a quick comment about them.  We had gone down to Disney World and stayed at the Pop Century. We were hoping to see if they were using the new magicbands there, unfortunately they were not so we went to the parks normally. We used our tickets for the RFID entry so that was kind of cool. However, when we were at the Contemporary on our MK park break, we stopped at the store in the concourse.  I noticed that they already had T-shirts out for the Magicbands.  We heard stories about how they would have decorations for the magic bands like they do for crocs.  What did they call those, Niblets? Giblets?  Jiblets?...whatever.  What caught our eye was that they had these three T-shirts which I have pictured here.

The first thought that came to mind was, "Wow, just a little odd to be promoting a new technology in such a way.  And, their not even available at every hotel yet."  Of course the second though was, "it's disney so this new Tech must be tested out the butt and from what we saw last week, this is going to be your new identity when at WDW so let's make friends through merchandising."  In addition to the stuff we've been hearing about charges and park entry with the band, we discovered that you will now be storing your Test Track car and I assume anything else you can customize and save like Sum of All Thrills and anything else they come out with.  I'm basing this on being able to store those things on Quinn's Room Card and my Annual Pass on this trip.  We also saw many Scanning stations set up at various rides.  Very scene appropriatly camouflaged of course.  I think this one was Tower of Terror.

Back at the Contemporary, they also had different covers for the magicbands.  For example, you could make your band look like Minnie mouse polkadots or Mickey Mouse colors.  I can't wait to see what else comes out about with the Magic Bands

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Show # 34 of the "WGTWDW" Podcast

Hello and welcome to the Marathon show that has become # 34!  On this show we Spin the Wheel of Attraction and get one of our Favorite attractions a WDW.  We then discuss different types of technology that The Disney Company is using in the parks.  After that, Tom from Wis. joins us for another addition of the Fan Meet and Greet. So welcome back and thanks for listening. 
On this show the Wheel of Attraction smiles on us and lands on one of the best attraction in WDW, Muppets 3D.  All of us love this ride and the pre-show just as much.  There are so many hidden details hidden in there, it is so cool.
Rats fishing in the Fountain

 We mention the clap-boards and the crates on the show and I want to repeat it here.  Read everything in that pre-show room.  Make sure you even read the words on the side of the 3-D glasses containers as you walk into the room.  Along with the static displays, there are the TV's there are multiple sets of three TV's so people can stand all over the pre-show room.  The gags they show on that TV are classic.  It makes waiting so enjoyable.  Check-out Sam the Eagle and Gonzo below:

We next spend some time talking about some of the technology that keeps us impressed with the Disney Parks.  From the new RFID technology to the other forms of great stuff.  We all were talking about what we knew about the new RFID stuff.  When we were there on Spring Break we saw the display at the old Odyssey Rest. 
It was very cool seeing these.  Even though this was in April, the word is they are still not ready to give out yet.  We were hoping in July, but a little birdy told us...nope.  We then discussed the Tower of Terror drop computer, the Haunted Mansion hitch hiking ghosts,the new BOG Animated Rose and the lanterns at the American Adventure.
 We really look forward to hearing from our listeners and we think that the Fan Meet and Greet is a great way to do that.  We would love to hear from you in either audio or email.  Email us at and let us know anything you want about your Disney like inside and outside the parks.  Your first time at a Disney park or your favorite character and why.  Anything that you want to discuss is welcome.  On this show we hear from Tom from Wis.  and his first time to the parks and trips to follow.  Tom also had some great news in that he and his wife are expecting 2 Princesses in the near future.  Congrats!  Start studying up on all of those princess names and stories.
One last thanks go out to Jim and Kim over at Once Upon a Time Travel.  They're the people to contact the next time you travel to Disney! Contact them through their Facebook Page or at
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