Friday, May 18, 2007

WDWRadio Disney Podcast

Your Walt Disney World Information Station

The WDW Radio Show Podcast is run by Lou Mongello. If the name sounds familiar, look on your bookshelf for your copies of the WDW Trivia Guides you have and check out the author. How about that?
Lou is one of the most knowledgeable Disney Podcasters that I listen to. There is never a show that I do not learn something new either about the WDW properties or the Disney Company itself. On top of that, Lou’s Rumors Segment should be called the Fact Segment. So many of his rumours turn out to be true, that I think he calls it the Rumors Segment so that he would not get investigated for being correct so often on his predictions. Lou often has guests on his show. One of the better guests is Jeff Pepper. Jeff does a segment with Lou and the WDW Radio Show Wayback machine. They have done a couple of shows on Epcot and past rides and concepts. Not to be missed. Also check out Jeff’s Blog, 2719 Hyperion. This is an incredible Blog about all things Disney. He has a lot of interesting posts. The Blue Sky’s series is a very cool view of some lands in the parks that could have been or might be so someday.
WDW Radio has a lot of good segments each week. The Best of the Best segment is what the title says. The Best of the Best in the WDW parks. Lou has guests on to help with this segment. Some topics covered so far were Best Character meals, Best Concierge, Best Jogging areas and more.
The WDWRadio podcast is a great resource for All Things Disney information. Lou’s show comes out on Sundays and is about an hour long. So the next time you are looking for a great Disney Podcast to listen to, Tune in the WDWRadio show and enjoy

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Lou Mongello - said...


Wow, thank you for such a wonderful review of the show. I'm really happy to hear that you are enjoying it.

I have been fortunate to be able to enlist the help of so many great friends and guests, and Jeff's contributions each week have been great. He is extremely knowledgable and passionate about what we talk about, and I think that comes through on the show.

I really enjoy doing the show each week, and hope to be able to provide something for everyone, from the vacation planning to the "geeky" history and trivia.

Again, I sincerely appreciate the fact that you listen and felt compelled to write about the show.

Keep up the great work on the blog! (like the Must-Sees posts!) Thanks again.