Saturday, October 2, 2010

Disney Movie Rewards Pay-Off

I have been a member of the Disney Movie Rewards(DMR)club for the last couple of years. For those that don't know, this is a way to get free Disney stuff by buying Disney Brand DVD's. Every DVD that qualifies for the program has a card inside that has a code. When you enter the code online at DMR it adds points to your account. Each DVD is worth from 50 to 150 points. You then use the points to browse through the DMR prizes and use your points to cash in. I had used some point last year for a nice Walt Disney Studios hat but have been saving points for something really good. Well, based on a couple rumours that the club is on it's way out, I did some recent shopping. I was able to beef up my DVD collection by two and they just go here. The first 'Reward' was Frank and Ollie; Their Friendship changed the Face of Animation. This is a great movie about the two of the fomous nine old men who worked a long time with Walt and on many of the successful Disney Projects.
The second purchase was Walt Disney Treasure's: Your Host Walt Disney. TV memories 1956-1965. This is another great DVD pick-up and I can't wait to start watching. I hope you'll stop back because I am sure I will have reviews for both of these movies very soon.