Tuesday, May 22, 2007

The Meandering Mouse Podcast

"Do you need an escape? The Meandering Mouse is a Disney enthusiast podcast taking you on stereo audio adventures through the Disney parks and beyond. Join us as we explore the ambience of the parks and the attractions; large and small."
I cannot mention Earl and the Trapped on Vacation Podcast without talking about the Meandering Mouse Podcast. Jeff from Houston runs this show and it is great. From what I can piece together, Jeff was on Earls show in the beginning and then started his own podcast. This is one of the type of podcasts that have you walk around the parks with the host. We are doubly lucky because Jeff is bi-coastal. We get to hear Walk and Ride thrus from both properties, Ca and Fla. He has some really great Fans. There is a couple shows that a fan sent in from his trip to the Japanese parks. The audio on this show is most of the time of the highest quality. And no-where is off limits. From shows to rides to attractions. Jeff does them all. Jeff from Houston is also the creator of the Disney Podcast Network. This is a web site of links and forums for about a dozen different Disney Podcasts. Some of the podcasts that can be found on the DPN are: Mousepod, The Mouse Lounge, The Mickey Room, Trapped on Vacation, The Meandering Mouse, Window to the Magic, Beyond Main Street and more. The DPN even has it’s own Podcast called Inside the DPN. This is hosted by golden throated Mr. Mark and talks about the happenings of the various podcasts and personalities on the DPN. The DPN also sponsors WestFest, the starts of a Mousfest type meet in the Western Parks.. I listened to a lot of the Podcasts that were at Westfest, and it sounded like a great time.
The Meandering Mouse Podcast is another on my list of ‘Do not miss’. Jeff usually puts out a weekly show and mostly on Sundays but not always. So download a show and listen up. Ear-Phones are a must.

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