Monday, May 7, 2007

Base21 Part 2

The Siemens Disney Alliance group has released their second sneak peek of the new Base21 within Spaceship Earth at Epcot this past weekend. This had some more detail and describes how Base21 is to be used.
There are three levels of service that will be offered at BASE21. The first level of use for this hidden area is for Siemens Meetings. If you are a Siemens Employee and are bringing Siemens Reps. down to Orlando, you will be able to schedule Base21 for your meeting. Based on the Artist’s pictures, there will be every Audio/Visual aid at your disposal to make your meeting a success. The Second Level of use for Base21 will be for Siemens Customer relations. There will be space available for various catered events. Gotta Schmooze and Booze the customer. The Third level of use and the most important to me, is the lounge for the Siemens employees and family. Here is the quote from the email announcement:

“Visitors will have the opportunity to take a break from their theme park activities, interact with high-tech exhibits and enjoy complimentary refreshments. Plus all visitors will have back door access to the Spaceship Earth attraction”

Sounds like this could be a place to go for the mid-day break for the kids, instead of the Hotel. I also would like to find out more about the ‘Back Door Access’. Does that mean we get to see behind the scenes or is there a back entrance to the ride queue? I hope both. We’ll see. Look for some pictures to be posted soon. I will keep digging for info, and I look forward to taking a first hand look at this in December.

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