Friday, May 18, 2007

Steve Swanson's Muppetcast Tribute to Jim Henson

I just listened to Steve Swanson of the Muppetcast Podcast. This is a new show on the web I have been listening to. This is a very good show and I will review it more once I listen to a lot more shows. What I wanted to write about today was his Show # 6. This show is a tribute to Jim Henson, creator of the Muppets. Jim had passed away 17 years ago this past May 16th. That was truly one of the sadder days of my life. I had grown up with Sesame Street and the Muppet Show. Loved all of the Muppet movies and the Dark Crystal and Fraggle Rock. Steve’s tribute this week is one of the most emotional podcasts I have ever listened to. It is a roller coaster of tears and laughter and I was un-prepared for how emotional I got while listening. We get to hear Jim’s friends and family at his funeral and what they had to say about him. We hear parts of a letter that Jim had written to the family about the funeral and to not be sad. Again, I am not what I would consider a girly-man, but I had to wait to listen to the part where the Muppets learn about Jim’s death until after work. I knew I was going to lose it. Although, after listening to this show and shedding a bunch of tears I feel surprisingly up-lifted. This dose of what Jim Henson has done for the world and for me personally also brought a number of great feelings and memories from long ago. Listening to these stories had me laughing as much as crying. Frank Oz talking about “Bert in Self-Contemplation” and Jerry Nelson as the Electric Mayhem’s Floyd and his farewell to their ‘Fearless Leader’ were beautifully fitting to show this. If you believe in the wonders that can happen from ‘One Man’s Dream’, take a listen to this show and remember all of the good that can come from one man.

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