Saturday, April 28, 2007

Inside the Magic

Inside the Magic is another Disney Podcast show that I have been listening to a lot. Ricky Brigante runs this podcast with the help of Skipper Ben. This show comes out on Sunday and is about 1 to 1.5 hours long. Ricky is located in Orlando . This is one of the best and slickest produced show out there. There are weekly segments, a lot of music and tons of information. Over the last couple of months, Ricky has been putting out videos of ride-through and Park walk-throughs. Anything current about the Disney parks, Disney movies and Disney merchandise can be found here. Mark Pearce, Dr. Disney, comes around with Disney history segments. These are usually based on rides but not always. Skipper Ben is an ex Cast Member. Can you guess what ride? His segment is always very funny and usually right on the point. His recent wedding down in WDW was a nice hear how these events are planned. His next big trip is out to Disney Paris. Should be a lot of good shows leading up to and once he gets back.
As with other some other Disney Podcasts, Inside The Magic uses a lot of listener questions, phone calls and pre-recorded segments in the show. Spend some time and Check out the Inside the Magic web site also. Very cool Blog and photo links. Also, in case you have not heard, Ricky won the Dream Job contest and won a couple days of being a Haunted Mansion Cast member this June. So, grab your WDW chicken strips, throw on your earphones and listen to Inside the Magic.

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