Wednesday, October 17, 2012

One Man's Dream, The Scripts Part 2

This past January I ran a post that discussed the scripts found in the Walt Disney Office scene shown in One Man's Dream.  Here is a link for the first post to get a background, One Man's Dream, the Scripts.  (I don't often link back to myself so that's pretty cool.)  Anyway, I was down in WDW a couple of weeks ago and was able to finally get the fourth script that is shown behind Walt's desk in this scene.  So far we've seen Westward Ho, The Happiest Millionaire and Monkeys go Home.  Well the fourth script is another Fred MacMurray movie, Follow Me Boys. 
I had talked about this movie in even an earlier post about the Arrival/Departure board (and that's a record 2 links to myself) at the Magic Kingdom Railroad Station on Main Street USA.  Fred MacMurray played Lem Siddons a WW I vet travelling with a jazz band. The band passes through the town of Hickory and Lem decides this is the place he wants to settle down. He ends up as the Boy Scout Troop Leader. Kurt Russell is also in this.
With the new camera this picture was easy to get.  With a little research I found that Walt also produced this one.  It was released in 1966 so the date matches two of the other scripts.  Hmmm, why these four movies.  I'll be doing more research into this and will bring you my findings down the road.  One small note of interest, John Larroquette was in this movie also in the un-credited role of a soldier.  Go figure.  Also, not to show my age, but the date of the script is one day after the day I was born.  Very Cool!

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