Monday, October 8, 2012

Epcot's 30th Maps

One week ago today I was very lucky to be down in Walt Disney World and able to go to Epcot on it's 30th Birthday.  However, I was flying out that day so I was very limited in being able to attend any of the planned Epcot 30th events.  Most were held in the afternoon and I figured correctly that I would be able to catch up on the events thru Youtube.  Thanks to Ricky, from Inside the Magic.

I was however, able to get the special button you see above and the Park Map for the day.  What was great about the park map, was once unfolded it showed the various stages of growth that Epcot has undergone over the years. Here are some of the parts of that map:

Just think in 1982, I was a Junior in high school and had only to that point been to WDW once.  Wow do things change.

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