Sunday, November 25, 2012

The "We're Going to WDW" Podcast Show # 24 Just Released

On this weeks show The kids take control and do their own Wheel of Attraction. We then spend the rest of the show listening to the sounds from the parks from our last trip. See if you can guess where each sound clip comes from. Here are a couple of the Videos we took that I ripped the audio from.

 The Dapper Dan's
These guys are always great.  Anyone know the name of the instrument they are using?

Star Tours 
  This is one of those lines that you want to stop and watch things and let people pass you.  This guy has a ton of these one liners.  I'd love to record them all sometime.

SpaceShip Earth
This is another part of SE we love.  Although, it would not hurt to see an update of this in the not too distant future.

The rest of the videos that the sound clips came from are over at my Youtube Channel .

Keep your eyes and ears open for Show # 25.  It'll be our 1/4 century show.  We'll read some email from one of our friends who was just in WDW and we'll talk a little about the Holidays in Walt Disney World.

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