Sunday, October 14, 2012

Epcot's Food and Wine Chase Lounge

While down on the BOGP Epic Event and the first weekend of Food & Wine at Epcot, my friend Jackie and I were lucky enough to get invited into the Chase Lounge at the Food & Wine Headquarters located in the Wonders of Life Pavilion.  As to the getting invited, well us and a few million of our closet friends that own a Chase Disney Credit card were invited

I was not planning any special Food&Wine events so it was nice to have a reason to go into the Wonders of Life Pavillion one more time.  We were lucky to get in there with all of the rides a couple of holiday seasons ago right before it closed up for good.  The Pavilion looked great inside.  The ceiling had been cleaned and was very white.  The floor was set up with many vendor tables and small areas of either rows of seats for the speakers or tables and chairs for food/wine tasting.  The lounge itself was across the pavilion from where the door is.  There was a CM forming a line and monitoring how many people go in at once. 
Once in, it was very nice.  The room itself is not large, but medium sized.  It had a couple couch areas around TV's.  There was a soda machine and a Iphone/Ipod/Ipad charging table, very cool.  There was also a large touch-screen TV that gave you the map for Food&Wine and food ideas.  And to finish it off they had a small table in the corner where there was a Cast Member giving out wristbands for the special standing area for Illuminations that night.

Entry Door to right.  Charging table far center. Refreshements left. First Couch area bottom.
Back to First Couch Area, Otherside of room left is Illuminations table.  Other couch area.  Touchscreen to left. Soda back and far right.
Touchscreen Map of food and Wine
There were bathrooms behind where the soda machines were and there were also baskets of candy spread throughout the room.  This was very nice.  The second Couch area showed cartoon shorts while the first area showed Chase commercials.  The seats were super comfy and did I mention the AC was cranked.  We stayed for about 15 minutes and really recharged our batteries. 
If you've got the Chase card, make some time and stop into the Wonders of Life pavilion and the lounge.  The exhibition tables seemed open to everyone and not just people registered for F&W events.
Let me know what you think?  Did you visit and take some better Photos?  Send them on and I'll post them.

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