Saturday, October 13, 2012

Show # 23 of the "WGTWDW" Podcast

On this weeks show we Spin the Wheel of Attraction one more time. We’re down to 90 something attractions so we’re looking good to continue this for a while. This week it was just Hope and I for the Spin and we lucked out and got the Country Bear Jamboree. We love this ride and go on it each and every time, unless of course it’s down. We discuss our likes about it and both totally recommend this each and every time you go. Plan it out and as you are exiting the show, Pecos Bills is right next door. We’d love to hear about your stories and memories from the Country Bear Jamboree. Please send on any pictures of the Christmas Overlay. Our email is .

We then continue our discussion of our August Trip. Wednesday was our sleep in day and then the Behind the Seeds Tour at Epcot. We spend a little extra time talking about the tour on the show for our friend Russ, way up there in NY state. He had requested this as he was thinking about taking the family on the Tour when they go next.
The Bug Room

The Plant Reproduction Lab

Sample Hydroponics set-up

Hope and the Ladybugs

A special Pumpkin

Eggplant Trees

Croc Tank

After Epcot, it was over to Disney Hollywood studios for Linner (between Lunch and Dinner) and then Fantasmic. Of course we filled the time between with some rides. Fantasmic was the first time for the kids in 3 years. The schedule for the past couple of years had been very prohibitive as to trying to catch this show. We lucked out and had center stage seats about 15 rows up. Close, but not so close we would get wet from the water screens. The only differences we noticed this time were the pre-show trio of ex-streetmosphere people to warm the crowd up and that all of the big animatronic characters, the snake and dragon, worked. A very fun day!
Our Table
Sci-Fi Diner

We really, really, really want to hear from you. Please email us any suggestions comments or ideas for the show. Our email is . Thanks for listening and see you next week!

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