Monday, October 15, 2012

Websites to Check-Out: Mouseventures

You know, the other day I was thinking, there must be a better way to post my trip reports. Well, I think I might have found the answer. The web site is a site that has, in my opinion, found it’s niche in the Disney online community. The premise of the site is a way to organize and present trip reports. The site itself is run by a couple from Texsas and in their words, “…We created this website because of our love of Trip Reports. They are the ultimate insider guide to Disney Resort vacations. Our goal is to create an immersive and interactive experience to entertain and educate you on taking a Disney vacation!”

And their site is truly immersive and interactive. With easy to read text and sharp pictures and even video, I think they have found a great way to display trip reports and anyone can do them. They are also correct in that the best way to find out about Disney world is to read some trip reports. A trip report is kind of like a Hotel review, but for your trip. What’s great with Disney Trip Reports is they are usually a great read. No-one has time to do-it all. But by reading about some of the experiences other people have had can help you plan and decide on what to do on your trip.

Up until now the trip report idea was pretty much the property of the big boards and forums like Disboards and Be Our Guest Podcast’s Forums, but is dipping their toes into this Disney Fan Site pond and they’re finding the water quite comfortable.

The site is on the new side but since the idea was so good I wanted to let you know it exists. There needs to be a more clear way to submit your reports, but for now an email to the site owners should do it.  I'm going to submit my latest trip as soon as I can, hopefully you will also.  Good Luck MouseVentures, I hope to see more and more content!

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