Monday, August 27, 2007

Time for a Change; New Look

I was very tired of seeing the same header day after day at the top of this blog. The fact that I shared it with a lot of other Disney themed blogs that use Blogspot was equally annoying. So, I threw together the above logo. It is a little crude but I think it came out pretty good for using 7 year old software. I am going to have a very cool and professional looking header soon. Check out the Disneyland sign at the bottom of this Blog to compare it to what I put together. I had this idea for the longest time. I finally saw my idea come to life, so to speak over at The Mickey Room. This is a Disney Podcast I had reviewed earlier. When I saw this logo, the only thing different from the way I saw it was no black background and of course different text. Wayne uses this as a show tag for their archived shows. Even though I built this from scratch, I modelled it pretty much after his with some changes to the flags, the added castle, and colors. I also wanted a floating logo with no background. So thanks Disneyland and Wayne from The Mickey Room for the new logo.

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