Wednesday, August 15, 2007

So your going to WDW: Park Parades

There are many different parades that you can see when you go to the Walt Disney World parks. Here is a summary by park of what they have to offer. Make sure you check for times on the dates you go. As far as how early to start getting a seat, rule of thumb is 45-60 minutes but that could change either way based on crowds.

Magic Kingdom: The MK’s main parade is the Dreams Come True parade and usually runs once per day and usually at 3:00 pm. This is the classic daytime parade that had all the characters in Glass Snow Globes until recently. It stars most of the classic Disney characters on all manner of floats and walking by. The parade starts at the gate between Adventureland and Fontierland right next to Splash Mountain. The parade then winds it’s way through Frontierland, Liberty Square and onto the Hub and Main Street. Everyone has their favorite place to watch this parade from. We have seen it from where it starts, from the Hub and from Main Street and from in front of the Magic Kingdom entrance next to the Town Square Exposition Hall. Can’t say any place was bad as long as your close to the front of the crowd.
The other parade at the Magic Kingdom is Spectromagic. This is the incredible lighted parade that runs at night. Until you see this parade, you cannot truly appreciate it. It is magical. The lights, music, the characters and to certain extent the promise of Fireworks right after make this an incredible parade. Not only the parade floats light up, but so do all of the characters riding on floats and walking. Spectromagic starts near the entrance of the MK and goes the opposite way the day parade goes. We have only seen this parade from Main Street and the Hub. Again if your toward the front, all seats are good.
There is a third Parade at the Magic Kingdom. That is the Holiday Parade. This is held on nights that the Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party is held and the last couple of days before and including Christmas. This parade, of course, ends with Santa.
There is also a Halloween Parade the is held for nights that the MNSSHP is held. This is of course a Halloween themed parade. I have seen video of it with the Grave Diggers from the Haunted Mansion and the dance they do in the parade is very cool. Did I mention that the Parade Grand Marshall is the Head-less Horse-man? He rides the parade rout sans head before the parade on a real horse.
You can also add the Princess and Pirate Parade to this list also. Run on special nights, staring of course, the Princesses of Disney World and the great Captain Jack Sparrow.

Disney Hollywood Studios
The DHS parade is the Stars and Motor Cars parade. We have seen this parade a couple of times and it is a fun parade. Instead of floats, the characters all ride in cool customized cars. There are some characters that walk also. The Power Rangers were a big favorite of the little guys. There are many of the later movies characters. Mulan, Muppets, and Star Wars characters are backed by many other characters. This parade begins near the Star Tours Ride and winds it’s way toward the entrance of the park only to take a right before the entrance. There is a Holiday version of this parade. Basically they add a lot of tinsel and snow to the cars. There is a rumour that this parade will be getting changed out in 2008. Look for a Pixar character based parade.
Animal Kingdom
The AK parade is the Mickey's Jammin’ Jungle parade. This is a very African looking parade with all of your favorite, mostly animal, Disney characters. This is also the only parade that you can watch pass you twice without moving too far. If you stand next to the BBB stand and watch it coming from your left then cross the street and watch it as it finishes it’s circle around the park. There is a holiday version of this parade also. Mickey's Jingle Jungle parade, I think.


There is no parade in Epcot anymore.

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I remember absolutely LOVING the Spectromagic parade the times that I saw it, and I'm so glad to hear they still have it! Let's hope they continue, as I'd be crushed if we went next June and they stopped it.