Friday, August 3, 2007

The Disney and More Blog

I found a great site the other day as I was tooling around the Internet looking for some new Disney Blogs. The name of the site was the Disney and More Blog. This a very colorful and informative Blog. He covers all aspects of Walt Disney's World and of course More. The majority of his latest posts cover a lot of Walt Disney and his life with the Company, the Public and his Private life. The icing on this wonderful Disney treat of a blog are the colorful pictures and the detailed drawings and graphs that he uses in all of his posts. In his words:

"To all who come to this happy blog, welcome! Like at Disneyland, we celebrate here the past, the present and the future! You will find here the latest infos about Disney theme parks, attraction art-work or rare Disney historical photos. You can also watch great videos and even buy some Disney art or rare collectibles, and much more!"

My first visit to this blog lasted over two hours. This blog is run by Alain Littaye. Alain is from Paris, France and his profile lists him as a the co-author of the the Disneyland Paris from Sketch to Reality book and is a book designer and photographer and all around Disney Park fan. Alain is a constant poster. In fact he just posted another article on Walt's Apartment and Club 33 in Disneyland while I wrote this post. This is a quality site. I would normally say take a couple of minutes and check out the site, but I would be lying. So take a couple of hours and check out this site. You will not be disappointed. And since his site has been around a lot longer than mine, it looks like my header will need to be changed. This is another great Disney Website to Check Out.

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