Thursday, April 26, 2007

WDWToday Disney Podcast

Give us 5 Minutes and we'll give you the World.
WDW Today is the first Disney Podcast I had listened to. There are 4 guys that appear on this Podcast, they are Matt Hochberg of, Len Testa of the Un-official Guide to WDW and, Mike Newell of and Mike Scopa from They also have many guest hosts. I can say with only one exception, that being Lou Mongello, these are the most knowledgeable guys about the WDW parks out there. Their podcast is about 20-30 minutes and comes out M-W-F. Wednesday is listener question day. They also have a live show every couple of months on Sunday nights. Their show is 95% Park related. If you have a question about the parks, these guys can and will answer it. Their web site and Podcast format are pretty much bare bones. Please, that is not a hit, but an observation. These guys spend their time on information not on background music or a Flashy Website. They have over 240 shows to listen to in their archives. So you can find a specific topic and listen. Holidays at Epcot? Touring plans for MK? What is the best Counter Service in the parks? What is the best resort? I would take almost any bet that your questions about the parks can be answered here.

So, WDWTODAY is the podcast to listen to when you need Park and Resort advice. These guys know it all or their guests will. In one word…OUTSTANDING!

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-Len- said...

Hey Maz,

Thanks for listening to the show. I just have one question: who's the "one exception" to being the most knowledgeable guys around? It's me, isn't it? Oh, God, I hope it's not me. I'll try harder, I promise! It's that darn Hochberg - he just gets me going some time! It's not my fault I swear! I swear! I sweaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrgggggggggghhhhhh.

Stupid Matt.

Just kidding. Thanks for listening to the show.