Wednesday, April 25, 2007

MouseGuest Weekly Podcast

MouseGuest Weekly
Two Disney Fans Talkin' Disney!
"MGW is a weekly Podcast featuring Disney news, reviews, trivia, clips and discussion, plus a weekly update on what's new and exciting at! It's your weekly dose of Disney fun!"
The MouseGuest crew has been putting out their Disney Podcast since July of 2005. They are Eric, who leads and directs the show, Dan, who I would say is the color guy, and Ryan is there every so often with his Muppet Minute.
This podcast really does cover all things Disney. From Park info and reports to movie and music reviews and commentary this show has it all. I have been listening for about 9 months and have not been disappointed. Their show is usually posted on Sundays and averages about an hour.
One of the very cool segments the guys run every now and again are the MouseGuest Tournaments. I have listened thru the Disney Animated Film and the WDW Ride Tournaments so far. It works like the NCAA Basketball with Brackets and voting each week. Very well organized. During their tournaments, you will hear other podcasts discussing the standings and who beat who each week.
From what you hear on there show, these guys are from Ohio, but do get the parks as often as they can.
Another key feature of their show is that they ask their listeners to participate. In a phone call or an email or even emailing in pre-recorded segments. I actually was given 8 or so minutes to do a review of the Sword in the Stone DVD on their show.
Also, make a trip over to their website. Dan is a very talented artist which comes through on their website. They have a very good interactive map of the Magic Kingdom with more to come.

So, bottom line is this is one of the top Disney Podcasts that are available on the internet. Take a listen and let me know what you think. Better yet, let Eric, Dan and Ryan know what you think.

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