Friday, April 27, 2007


I work at Siemens. For the past year we have seen many articles explaining the new partnership between us and The Walt Disney Company. It’s been very interesting. When we were down in December, it was cool seeing the Siemens logo in Spaceship Earth and on the bottom of the Illuminations big television ball. And two weeks ago we had all heard the announcement of the major renovations planned for Spaceship Earth. Well today we received an email that announces the new BASE21. I had always heard that there was a special room or area within spaceship earth for employees of the company that sponsor the attraction. The Cast Member in Dec. gave me the ‘I don’t know’ answer when I asked her about this room.
Here is the announcement:
“Base21 Siemens VIP Center, will soon open its doors to all Siemens employees and their guests! Be among the first to peek inside and discover the newest US location where the Siemens global story will be shared with employees, customers and partners--located right in the middle of the world's most popular vacation destination, the Walt Disney World Resort in Lake Buena Vista, Florida.
Whether you're seeking a relaxing visit in the Base21 Visitor Lounge or planning an event or meeting with a customer, Base21 is an exclusive Siemens venue inside the Epcot theme park.”
A video came with the email, here are some stills that I cut from the video. The first part was mainly a Siemens commercial. I captured the important parts. They also said to look out for next Thursday for another announcement. Hopefully we’ll see more of the plans for BASE21 or Spaceship Earth.

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