Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Soarin' Best Overall Attraction? 5,000 say YES! reported some of the findings of a WDW Parks Survey conducted by Zagat's. They are the guys know for their restaurant and hospitality guides. Questions were asked of almost 5,000 WDW visitors and SOARIN won out for best over-all attraction. On our last trip, we actually all agreed that Soarin was the best ride we had gone on. I think we went on it 4 times. Which considering how many rides, I mean attractions, we actually missed all together, says a lot. It's always nice to see that the majority of 5,000 people agree with you. Here is something I found after getting back from the trip. I was watching the Relive the Magic DVD of the ride and the queue line music was the theme song from the Original BattleStar Galactia. I am not sure why I did not catch that while we were there. Maybe because we breezed through the line each time we went on it? The DVD was Xmas 2005 and we were there Xmas 2006. Maybe the music had changed? Just not paying attention? A couple more thoughts about Soarin. Right from Rope Drop go to Soarin, get your fastpass and then get on the ride. We got off Soarin, rode Living with the Land and walked back onto Soarin with our fastpasses which time was now up. You must get in the left most line in the 'Your next Corral'. That'll put you in the top most row of Gliders. Nothing ruins your view of California more than a pair of Ratty sneakers and a pair of flower flip-flops kicking over you. Look for the Hidden Mickeys. We found two. Don't forget to look under your seat when you leave. The CM's kinda rush you off this ride.

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