Sunday, April 20, 2008

Youtube Gold: Disney TV Shows

I came across another piece of Youtube Disney Gold the other night. The first video I started with was the Disney-MGM Grand Opening TV show. This was a very nostalgic look at the original concept of the Disney-MGM Studios. This had been posted by DreamBoyUSA. What was the real gold of this Youtube poster is that he had a lot of old Disney TV Specials. In addition to to the MGM show, I have looked at the Disney Oscar Winners show which was about all of the Oscars won by Walt and the studios. There is a lot of old animation clips from the early Oscar wins. I also watched a little of the Welcome to the World show starring, okay sit down and hold onto your hat, starring Lindsay Wagner as the Rich Tycoon vacationing at the Contemporary, Lucy Arnez, the single traveler staying at that wacky Polynesian and a very young Tommy Tune staying at the thrifty Fort Wilderness. This is a variety show type travelogue of the park. It is very good in a retro kind of way. The kicker to this one is it is really a celebration of the opening of Space Mountain. Here is a list of other titles that caught my eye and I will be watching. It's all from video, so quality is eh, but I am still psyched to check out the posts. There are a ton more, but here's what really caught my eye :

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Cathy said...

Disney shows are the best especially Mickey mouse clubhouse dvd !No wonder kids loves watching the show over and over.