Sunday, April 13, 2008

It's all in the Details: Magic Kingdom:Train Bulletin

I was going through pictures from our last trip and came across his picture. This is found in the right tunnel as you pass underneath the Main Street Train station in the Magic Kingdom in Florida. He name Kimball caught my eye at the top. I knew it was Ward Kimball and he really liked trains. So I took the picture thinking I could check it out later how it related to Ward and Disney. Well, it's four months later and as I was going through our last trip pictures i found this one again. I had some time so popped open Google and started my searches.
Grizzly Bear Flats...Kimbal Canyon: Like I said, the Kimball name caught my eye and it just so happens that Ward's private backyard railroad was known as the Grizzly Flats Railroad. Here is another link to a series of posts of Ward and Tom Snyder at Grizzly Flats for the Tomorrow Show. After finding Ward's railroad I pressed on. Hickory...Siddons City: This is a reference to Lem Siddons in the Disney Live action movie, 'Follow Me, Boys!' Fred MacMurray played Lem Siddons a WW1 vet travelling with a jazz band. The band passes through the town of Hickory and Lem decides this is the place he wants to settle down. He ends up as the Boy Scout Troop Leader. Kurt Russell is also in this.

The names of Medfield...Rutledge were real familiar. Medfield is the High School the Absent Minded Professor taught at. Rutledge was the opposing high school the the 'High Jumping' Medfield basket-ball players jumped all over. The next listing, Harrington Hills...Pendergast Plains was another obscure reference until I looked it up. Harrington is the name of the town the Pollyanna came to, to live with her Aunt Polly in the movie Pollyanna. Pendergast refers to Mr. Pendergast the cranky old guy in town with the hidden heart of gold that Pollyanna be-friends. This was a faded favorite from when I was young.

The last set of names on the board are Bullwhip...Griffon Gulch. This was the out of left-field reference of tonight's searches. I found it quick enough but have never heard of the movie, 'The Adventures of Bullwhip Griffin'. This starred Roddy McDowall as a gentleman's Butler forced to be polite in the Wild West to survive. This also stared Susanne Pleshette and Karl Malden.

This whole post is another example of why we are able to back to the parks over and over. It seems like you can always find something new to catch your attention.

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