Tuesday, April 22, 2008

This Week in Disney Podcasting: April 20, 2008

A preview of some of the Disney Podcasts that I listen to for this week. Mouseguest #143: Eric and Dan! are again joined by Cathy. This has become a welcome trend. This week they discuss the Animal Kingdom and what their thoughts are about it. Cathy tells us about the new Wave Restaurant. There is more Disney Rest. Tournament talk and a very good, put you in the Animal Kingdom mood, music selection.

Window to the Magic # 144: For this weeks show, Paul has a couple of people on to help him talk about a couple of topics. Carleen stops by to talk about The Golden Horseshoe Celebration that was held for Wally Boag. This is a very good audio segment. Mike Hamilton from the Disney Podcast Directory will challenge Paul to lose a couple of pounds. Paul then finishes up with a great recording of Festival of the Lion King over at the Animal Kingdom.

Inside the Magic # 159: On this weeks show, Ricky brings us up close and personal with the remaining three CMO Applicants in a conversation at the Beach Club. There are also two bonus Video posts this week. The first shows the 3 CMO’s on Main Street getting the crowd excited in one of their competitions. The other is a video of a special behind the scenes tour of Kilimanjaro Safari. Skipper Ben answers some emails. A third Video-post went up Tuesday of the Animal Kingdom’s 10th celebration.

MouseLounge # 34: This week with the normal news Gary Stakes a Homestead in frontierland. Meaning he has a recording of Roy Rogers and the Sons of the Pioneers telling the tale of Pecos Bill. This is taken from origonal LP's. Then Gary plays a long clip of Billy Hill and the Hillbillies playing at Slue Foot Sues. You'll hear a great version of the Devil Went Down to Georgia. Then a clip from Walt about making movies for adults and children. Gary finishes up with song from Toy Story 2.

Character Breakfast: Show #47 On this show we get a ‘Plethora’ of Disney news from Jeff.(His word not mine) Then Imagine and Pluto take a trip over to the Animal Kingdom to talk about the Flights of Wonder and Pochohantas shows on Monorail Station. Sorcerer and the gang continue to discuss their DW battle, a Disney World ride tournament. Then they go over some emails.

Micecast ‘Going DF’: The Mice cast guys are all together again this week. This show is another listener email suggested topic: “What would make you go DF?” In other words, what level of changes to the parks will finally make you object and complain. The guys discuss where they draw their line in the sand as to Disney changes to attractions. We here a lot about attraction alterations from the past in both Disneyland and WDW.

WDW Radio # 63: This weeks show is a full boat even though Lou is on his way to WDW for the Animal Kingdom 10th anniversary. On this weeks show Lou has Kara Goldsberry who returns to discuss her book, The Luxury Guide to Walt Disney World. They discuss her TV appearances and they then do some money is no object day dreaming as to what you can do while in the World. Jeff Pepper and Lou discuss how to get the most out of the Animal Kingdom in one day. Then Becky Mankin, owner of Mouse Fan Travel, stops by to talk about planning a vacation and other email questions that Lou’s listeners have sent in.

WDWToday # 399: The guys take a break after 398 shows and take a show to talk about what is NOT right about WDW. A good listen as always. Looking forward to show 400 and the bloopers.

Netcot #99 and 100: Van finds his groove as he returns to his normal format for Netcot’s 100th show. But not before trying one more other format in show # 99. Can you say cornbread? Another fun segment and wow do they fight a lot(only kidding). Show #100 starts out with Disney news. Van then moves into a great step-by-step description of Disney’s Ca. Adventure and then his Top 7 of DCA. “Don’t stop in Compton”

All About the Mouse #53: Brian goes over a full plate of Disney News. He then reads some fan mail and a couple AllabouttheMouskateer interviews. Jonathon joins Brian to discus the La Nuba show and other Circue shows.

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