Tuesday, April 15, 2008

This Week in Disney Podcasting; April 13, 2008

A preview of some of the Disney Podcasts that I listen to for this week.
Mouseguest #142: Eric and Dan! are joined by Cathy and special guest Matt from WDWToday to discuss their first trips to WDW and when each of them ‘Got it’. Week two of the Restaurant Tournament is now here and they discuss week one winners. As a favor to a fan of the show driving to Fla. from N.J. they play a number of great songs from the Disney Hopper. Watch out for the last song though if you are driving late. It’ll knock you out.
Window to the Magic # 143: This week Paul does something different. Patrick will be cutting back his shows to once every two months and Paul lets us listen to 6 contributors new to the show.(except Terri) They are all very good and will be helping Paul fill time. You decide which ones you like. They are The Window to the Magic Dream Team. Paul also continues on with the WTTM24 shows. This past week was show #7 of this really good idea of a day at Disneyland where we get to listen in on every minute.
Inside the Magic # 158: On this weeks show Ricky announces the winners of the Three Year Anniversary contest. He discusses the new list of upcoming Pixar/Disney movies. Skipper Ben has a Cast Member story of his experience of the opening of the Rockin Roller Coaster. Ricky then reviews the ‘Imagineering the Magic’ DVD and then finishes with listeners questions.
MouseLounge # 33: Gary Chambers brings us another fun filled show starting with the news. We then listen to Ward Kimball discuss many things about his time at the Disney Studios. We are also lucky enough to hear his appearance on the Groucho Marx game show You Bet your Life. We then listen to Whistle… and ride thrus of the Land at Epcot and Buzz Light Year’s Astro Blasters in Disneyland.
Character Breakfast: Show #46 On this show we get a good dose of Disney news from Jeff. Then Imagine and Pluto talk about Fantasmic on Monorail Station. Sorcerer and the gang discuss their DW battle. A Disney World ride tornament. Then they go over some emails.
Micecast ‘Workin for a Livin’: The Mice cast guys minus Michael discuss a lot of aspects to working at Disneyland prompted by a listener email. They talk about their best and worst customer interactions, wages, CM perks and a lot more.
Trapped On Vacation #101: Earl is Trapped in code 101 hell. He celebrates his 101st show some ride-thrus in the Tiki Room, the TTA and MILF with all kinds of problems.

WDW Radio # 62: This week Lou has a special return guest, Samantha Brown from the Travel channel. She is on to talk about her favorites in the WDW parks. Lou is joined by Barry as we hear about another Wonder of the World in something that we see all the time but probably don’t really see…WDW Landscaping. And then Jeff Pepper stops by to help with Listener’s questions.
WDWToday # 396: The guys over at WDWToday are getting close to show number 400. On Monday’s show they discuss photography in the parks with Phot-Blogger Valerie from AllEarsNet.com
The Mickey Room: The Mickey Room is currently on hiatus. I have been missing Wayne’s lead-up until the Westfest trip which Kimberly was not going on. All the best to them and that we get to hear them again real soon.
Magical Definition, Disney Home Media: Nathan and Jim talk about all aspects Disney Home media on this weeks show. From the original foray into TV in the 50’s to new types of media that the Disney Company is developing now. Roger joins in and helps toward the end to discuss different types of media playing equipment.
Meandering Mouse # 77 Disneyland Paris Meanderings: Jeff takes a break this week and his friend Doug takes us on a walk-thru of Disneyland Paris. This is a very detailed well done walk-thru. I never would have thought there would be so much English spoken in the attractions in France, but I guess with England across the channel it is necessary. Enjoy.
Netcot # 95, 96, 97…: He is day by day going thru his top 7 formats he almost used for the Netcot podcast(Uh, tongue in cheek here). They are about 7- 10 minutes each and are a very funny goof. Can you say “Happy Fuzzy Bunny podcast”? Really fun stuff.
All About the Mouse #52: The AATM guys celebrate one year this week. Steve Swanson from Muppetcast stops by to interview Jonathan and Brian. They also announce their 300th All About the Mouseketeer.

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