Monday, September 24, 2007

The Internet is a Disney Fan's Friend: Planning

Deb Wills’s site All Ears Net is a great place to start your planning. This site covers everything. I mostly use it for news from the parks and for their updated menus. What better way to choose a restaurant than by reading it’s menu? Pricing is included. Deb also has a large staff of writers, and bloggers.

This is in my opinion the perfect counterpart to the All Ears Net site. This is the
Dis web site. They have constant updates and a large amount of photos. They have their own podcast and forum. I mention the forum, found at, because if you cannot find out something on any of the sites you find listed in this post, you will at the Disboards.

Intercot is another massive sight on the WDW parks and hotels. This information is updated often. Intercot also has a very good forum to help you find answers not found on the web sites. This site also has an extensive amount of pictures and attraction videos. is the Web site from the guys who put together the Unofficial Guide to Walt Disney World tour book. The site is run by Len Testa from the Podc
ast. If you are going to the parks during a crowded time, use Len’s touring plans. I have heard and read many good things about these touring plans. The parks, except for one day, were to empty to use the plans, but for the one day in Animal Kingdom that was crowded, it worked great. Also, just as valuable in your planning, is the Crowd Calendar. It was eerily correct for our last trip in Dec ’06.

This is a very detailed set of schedules for all forms of
Walt Disney World Entertainment. Steve, with his contacts, has times for everything. And I mean everything. Need to find out when the Moroccan music group MoRockin starts a set in Epcot’s World Showcase or the times for Mor Thaim, the African drummers over at Animal Kingdom, this site will help you out. I have found many things listed on Steve’s site that I have never heard of before which also makes it a great source of things to do.

Guide to the Magic Tim Foster is the author of a number of Guide to the Magic tour books. His web site is great. I would say this would be the site to start your Disney park planning if this is to be your first trip. Tim’s site is very informative in a friendly colorful way. There are guides and tips and maps and plenty of pictures.

Enjoy all of these Disney Planning Sites. Next is Walt Disney History Sites.

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