Thursday, October 4, 2007

The Osborne Family Lights at Disney Hollywood Studios

It's almost that time of year again and the Osborne family lights will be opening up to the public this November 14th. From what I hear the lights are already up and are being tested. Last year names Osborne had a show for his house bound daughter that grew over the years. It grew so big that he started buying the houses on the neighborhood next to his to decorate. Did I mention he had a couple of bucks? The light show grew so big that the town had him remove it and he then donated it to WDW. It used to be on the Backlot Tour, down the street where the Golden Girls house was. It was then moved to NY and San Francisco streets where it is today. Last year was the first year that they used the psynchronized music and lights. They even had snow falling when it was 70 degrees. The snow kinda felt slippery, like soap, but it fell just like snow. As you walk around there were a couple of DJ's playing Christmas songs over the speakers. Every 20 or so minutes, the radio station banter would fade away, the lights would dim down and a classic piece of holiday music would start and the lights would blink on and off to the music for about 20 minutes. WOW! Then back to the radio. At one point we heard the DJ's claim that there are over 70 Hidden Mickey's(HM) in the lights. Check out the HM above the marquee and in the windows. The picture of the cartoon was taken through a window on NY street. Twas the night before Christmas, the version with the mice, was playing on a TV in the window. Please, please make sure that this is on your list of things to do if you are in the parks during the Holidays.

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Anonymous said...

I love the lights. When I visited last, they gave you glasses to wear so the lights appeared 3D.