Thursday, September 13, 2007

Wacky Quacky Pass

I was confirming ressies for our next trip and I found this new thing to do over at the Official Disney Web site, if you can believe it. It's called the Wacky Quacky Pass game. In it you are helping a very forgetfull Donald Duck try to remember where he left his Wacky Packy Pass in his travels over the Walt Disney World property. It's pretty much simple trivia about the parks. And using maps to get around. It is simple, but very cool. Can't wait to let the kids in on this one. It's the perfect level for them. This game has been around a while, so check out the archive at the bottom of the main screen. As a reward, you get a different high res picture from around the WDW property to be used as a Wallpaper.

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