Sunday, September 2, 2007

O' Canada Circle-Vision Re-Opens

The newly re-furbished O Canada Circle-vision movie just re-opened the other day and I have heard and seen this new Martin Short, hosted version. Before I go into my thoughts about the new movie, let me point out that in the first sentnece of this post I have touched on two constantly talked about topics in the Disney online community. The first is that I listened and saw the new movie without going to Epcot. Some would argue that it ruins the attraction if you do this ahead of time. My thinking is that I get there once every year or two. I might get on a new ride once or twice depending on crowds and such so I don't want to waste time with a lot of the big flashy effects of the ride that you see on your first ride. I want that newness of the attraction to be past, so I can concentrate on the real details that might be hidden and make it a little more memorable. The second highly talked about topic is that a Disney Attraction was modified at all. This is no issue in my eyes for the most part. All attractions will eventually need to be either fully re-habbed and modernized or retired. There are attractions that I'll always miss because of the attachement I had from seeing them as a kid, but if they don't make sense in today's world, fix it or yank it.
Which leads me to the O Canada update that just re-opened. I first listened it on Earl's Trapped on Vacation podcast and then saw the video posted on Youtub by Ricky Brigante's new venture, Orlando Attractions Magazine.

I really liked this update. I have watched Martin Short from the SCTV days of old. I think that the bits of humor that he adds is a great addition. A couple quick obersvations, The Blue Nose song has been removed, which is fine with me. The Canadian mounties are still in. The theme song is still in and the only negative about the entire upgrade is with the music to 'You're a Lifetime Journey'. The singing is first rate, the music is a little too techno. I'll need to listen again. Anyway. Total thumbs up here as to this Epcot Attraction upgrade. Looking forward to the seeing this in person and can't wait to see the new Haunted Mansion.

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