Saturday, January 28, 2012

Undercover Tourist for WDW Tickets

     Whenever we plan a trip to WDW we are always looking for ways to stretch the budget.  This time around we were able to save cash on Tickets.  We are a family of four and all over the age of 10.  I still question how a 10 year old can be called an adult, but that's another blog post.  So for 4 tickets, it is one of our largest cost for a trip.  It's more expensive than our air or hotel.
     With the advice of Mousesavers's newsletter and friends on some Disney message boards I looked into using Undercovertourist (UT).  I've seen the site in the past, but figured how much could they really save me.  It was well known that there are no 'Discount' Disney tickets out there.  WELL I WAS WRONG!  The difference in price total by using UT was $52 dollars.  We were looking for a four day base ticket.  UT had a 3-day with the fourth day added free.  Their total cost with tax and the discount from the Mousesavers newsletter was $980.  Disney's cost for 4-day tickets for four was $1,035.  We saved $55 and change.  Now when your paying into the $1000's for a trip to WDW $50 does not sound like a lot, but when you consider that'll cover the cost of a Counter-Service meal for our family, you see the value.  We also saved another $1.99 because UT was promoting a new smartphone App.
     Now a word on their service.  I ordered tickets too late to make their 10 day free shipping window, so I had them express shipped which was 5 business days.  Since we ordered on a Sat. the first day of those 5 would have been on Monday and we were told to expect them the following Friday.  We got them only three days after we ordered them, on Tuesday, much to my relief.  One less thing to worry about, you know?  And the express shipping only cost $5.  Not bad!  So, saved $57 total minus express shipping.
     And the moral of this story?  Work the numbers and find out for yourself! 

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