Monday, February 13, 2012

MVP QuarterBack at the Magic Kingdom

     We had a great vacation down at WDW and have only gotten back a week ago tomorrow.  We were actually in the Magic Kingdom getting ready to experience one of the biggest coincidences of our Disney lifetime.  Let's backtrack a little bit.  The first time we knew we were going to WDW was in early January.  So we had about 4 weeks to plan out our 5 night trip.  Pretty quick for us.  One of the first things we looked at was what days for what parks.  We decided,early on to go Epcot, Animal Kingdom, Disney's Hollywood Studios and then MK for the last day of the trip.  At this point the NY Giants were in the play-offs after barely making it in and were predicted to lose in the first round of the play-offs.
    Well the Giants made it to the Superbowl and we then realized that we'd be watching the game down in WDW. If it had been any other team, I think we would have opted for the parks.  (Except for the Eagles.  There you go Quinn, an Eagles mention.) So with that in mind DHS still worked out for the Super Bowl.  It closed at 7:00, we'd just ditch out early and watch the game at POR.  They had the Roost set up for the game and they also had their big screen movie set-up showing the game.  We happened to watch the game in the room.  We were checking out the the next morning so all watched the game in there together.  It was a real good family time.  We hit the hotel rest. at half time and came back to watch the second half.  We saw some of the half-time show.  Great to see the need to flip-the-bird when on stage???  The end of the game was great and as we are the "We're Going to Walt Disney World" Podcast, it was great to hear those words coming out of Eli Manning's mouth.  We had no idea what Monday could mean yet.  After-all, there is no way they'll be able to get the Super Bowl MVP down to Orlando.  I think that after-all thought made me just think that the MK parade would be later in the week.
     The next day early on we started hearing rumors for a 1:20 parade for Eli starting at the firehouse and going towards the castle.  Okay, we'll modify plans.  Next CM rumor was still at 1:20 but now starting by Splash mountain and going towards Main Street.  Okay, modify where we'll be around then.  Just as we started across the bridge to Liberty Square to get down to where the parade would begin I asked another, more official looking CM about the parade start.  Well happy to say this CM said it would start right where we were standing.  We backed off the bridge to the hub and stood right as the road from Liberty Square comes out to the Hub.  We would be the first people that Eli would see to his left as the Vette he was in began it's drive.  We stood in Parade like MK crowds for about 35 minutes.  Eli came from the Crystal Palace area and walked across the lawn to where the car and parade people were set up.  He was miked up and got up in the car with Football Mickey.  They shared a few words which was funny to see, but when you see the official park video, you'll see what was said and how it was appropriate and scripted.  Disney Parks Blog Eli Link The parade started and that was the best 2 minute parade we had ever seen.  Once he passed us it was impossible to follow due to the gi-normous crowds so we went back to the park with that little glow of seeing one of those few people when given an opportunity took advantage of it.  We all agreed he was there for the parade and would soon be on a plane to NY for the next days real celebration parade. 
     We had such a fun day and this parade only added to it.  The Disney CM's really have the routine down for these kind of events.   Go Giants!

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