Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Pull up a Chair to The Disney Food Blog

As we plan for our next trip to WDW we always like to eat somewhere different.  In the process of reading about different food offerings at Epcot, I came across The Disney Food Blog.  I had heard of this blog in the past on various podcasts and on the Disboards, but never actually went to their site.  Well I'm glad I did.  This is now one of my favorite Disney Blogs and I will be going back to this site over and over. 
In their words, "The Disney Food Blog offers in-depth news about food and restaurants in Disney’s parks and resorts, along with reviews and photographs of and about anything food-related in Disney parks, resorts, movies, and events."
Their expert staff of eight consists of all various forms of Disney food enthusiasts.  Included among them are two former Disney Mom's Panel members.  I'm still reading backwards through their blog and the words that are coming to mind about their reviews are, "Complete", "Fun", "Varied", "Open-Minded".  I'm still getting a feel for each of the writers as I'm going through each of the posts.  They cover everything that comes in contact with food.  Restaurants and room descriptions are a big part of their reviews also.  Did I mention drinks?  I've got a pad next to me on my desk to write down all the various places we need to stop at next time into the parks.  Their review of the Sake Bar in Japan has me itching to get over there and try a little warm sake before illuminations. 
One of their series of posts is the Best Of series.  Just as it says, these are posts about the Best Of restaurants on Disney Property.  Best Restaurants to watch fireworks from, Best for Romance, Best for Burgers, Best without a reservation and so on.  They have an online E-book: Guide to Walt Disney World Dining and you can also sign up for their newsletter and keep up-to-date on all the Food-Goings-on on the Disney Properties.

So if your into planning trips to WDW and what to get a feel of some of the restaurants you've not been to, check out The Disney Food Blog.


RussellH said...

Well, the rides and attractions are only there to fill in the time between meals, right?

That is always one of the best parts of planning the trips- planning the ADR's. I hope you get all the ones you want- but based on being a "value" time, there should be something that works- Cant wait to hear the Podcast after you get back!

AJ said...

Thanks for the great review of the blog!! I'm grateful and hope we can continue to bring you solid info about dining in Disney World! Looking forward to hearing the podcast, too!