Monday, January 9, 2012

The "We're Going to Walt Disney World" Podcast Show #12

Hello and welcome.  On this weeks show we get back into our normal show routine.  We spin the Attraction Wheel and luck out and get Big Thunder Mountain Railroad.  We share some of our family Disney Memories from over the Holidays and we talk about the TTC on our Family Tip of the week.
     We have a great conversation about BTMR.  We all really love this ride.  We share some of the things we like best about BTMR and when we like to ride it.  There was a mention about a video I took a couple of years ago on BTMR with Quinn.  Here it is. 
Note the screaming from begining 'till end.  This was a great moment in that it was all we could do to get him on it the first time.  This was his second ride after finding out he did not die horribly the first time.  Like I said on the show, Quinn owned this ride and his screaming is of pure joy.
     We then share a couple memories from some of our realatives we saw over the Holiday.  Billy, Uncle Chris, Emerson, Aunt Liz and Nana all had a great memeory to share with us.  I'd like to get Liz and Chris and their family on one of our up-coming shows.  They went down for their first trip last spring.
     We finish up with a little about the Ticket and Tranportation Center and what it can do for you.  Thanks for listening!

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