Sunday, May 18, 2008

NETCOT: The InterNET Community Of Tomorrow

I found the NETCOT podcast a couple of months ago. It's run by a guy named Van and he has a site also. If I could say it better I would, but in his words;
"The podcast is full of fun! It starts with the biggest and most interesting Disney related news stories. And we mean news from a reliable news source - not some dude’s blog. The show features a Top 7 list related to Disney and a feature segment on a ride, park or something else related to Disney. Feature segment examples include:
Compare Van Contrast - This segment looks at differences and similarities in a featured Disney attraction that exists in multiple parks around the world.
Van-n-Now - Where we take a look at an attraction that has changed over the years to compare what its been and what its become.
Plain ‘ol Featured Attraction - We’ll break down the whole experience of a featured attraction from getting to it to getting off it. But its not just a retelling of the attraction, its a whole new look at your favorite rides.
Each week we also end with audio from the featured attraction and, if you listen long enough, bloopers from the show. We also throw in lots of fun segments to keep it fresh and interesting.
The shows are an average of 30 minutes including the ending audio. Just enough to give you something to listen to on the way to work or school!"

This is definitely not your everyday Disney podcast. I have a blast listening to each and every show. As the podcast approached it's 100th show, Van did the top seven show formats NETCOT could have been. If you listen to the popular Disney Podcasts, these segments were Classic. There are a lot of very good a well produced segements on each show. Van has been guest appearing on some of the other Disney Podcasts. WdWToday had him on the other day. He has a knack of reporting the news and then saying what your thinking in a funny way that can't keep you from breaking out laughing...a lot. The NETCOT home page is a great source of Disney News. I am amazed at how quickly news gets posted on his site. NETCOT is a credited source on Disney News for the media. How's that for creditability. Check out the NETCOT site and Podcast and tell me their not worth your time.

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