Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Disneyland Official Podcast Mark VII and more

As you might have known from my site I listen to a lot of Disney type podcasts. Most of the content on the shows I listen to is good. Once in a while you get a real gem and this is about one of them. Disneyland has it’s own official podcast. It is updated every month or so and there have been some great things to see and hear. Most of their posts have been video, but this last release is audio. Episode 31 is about the new Mark VII Monorail trains that they are testing in Disneyland right now. Bob “Mr. Monorail” Gurr is interviewed and tells us how the original concept of the monorail at Disneyland came about. It started with a trip by Walt and Lillian to Germany in the late1950’s to a drawing on his kitchen table. He then goes on to talk about designing with the Germans and kidnapping Vice-president Richard Nixon on the Monorail’s first trip. The whole process from idea to Monorail dedication only took 9 months. Very impressive in today’s world. There is a great clip of audio of the dedication where Walt interacts with Nixon and his daughters. Bob tells a great story. The rest of the podcast is about the new Mark VII and a short interview with Scot Drake, designer of the Mark VII. The podcast finishes with a interview with the “Voice of Disneyland”, Bill Rogers. Bill does all of the announcements in the Disneyland park and has one of the best known voices. Here is a link to the Nixon Monorail Dedication on Youtube. Enjoy

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