Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Disney Garden Products have Healthy Web Sites

I came across the oddest thing the other day. We had gotten grapes at the local supermarket. They came in a Disney labeled bag. The front of the bag was a picture of Mickey and Minnie having a picnic with the grapes pictured on their picnic blanket. The back of the bag had the Nutrition Facts panel(which, on grapes, is kinda excessive), a couple of fun facts; 'The average person eats about 8 pounds of grapes per year' as an example, and two links. I normally don't think twice about blowing off a products link on packaging as being a waste of time, but hey, this was a Disney Garden product and I had some time, so I took a look at the links. I am glad I did. I can't wait to show them to my kids as being worth while sites to waste their time on(sorry Webkins).
The first is the Imagination Farms web site. There are plenty of games to play all gearing at teaching kids about the five food groups, but especially fruit and vegetables. There is also a lot of fun information for the kids. Some of the sections are Foodle Doodle, Veggie Varsity, Kid Recipes and more. They also run a find a clue contest with codes from the back of the bag.
The second link is a site called Disney's Healthy Kids although when you get there it is really Disney's Fit Forever Champ Camp. This is more of a challenge type of site. Your main goal is to learn how to eat healthy and compete against campers from Camp Lazy Acres. The four parts of the camp are Lilo's Luau, Kim Possible Science Cave, Incredible Island and Mickey's Mess Hall. Each part of the camp teaches the kids about the food pyramid and other things such as moderation and proportionality. All things that you would think were common sense, but looking at the waist lines around you, maybe not. After each 'lesson' there is a trivia type game testing your knowledge. You go against campers from Lazy Acres. I was Stitch going against Gantu. It reminded me of the 10,000 Pyramid. The one thing that did stick out was that even though they used the Disney characters, they must have not had enough to pay for the voices. All of the Disney characters are silent. Only the counselors speak. Check out the Cool Parent link on this site to view other Disney Labeled products in the stores. Kim Possible Oat Meal, Nemo Drink Sticks, Mickey Burgers and a ton more.

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