Thursday, June 28, 2007

So Your Going to WDW: Magic Kingdom Must See's

What I am trying to do in these next four “So your Going to WDW” articles is to try to give you an idea of some of the attractions that you should make plans to see if you’re a FIRST TIME VISITOR to the parks. I will rate them by MUST SEE attraction(MS), SECOND TIME to PARK attraction(STP), and HAVE NOT TRIED attraction(HNT).
MS is obvious, but I don’t want this to be a ride description article. If I say MS I won't go into too much detail. STP is for rides that can wait until your second time to the park. It can also mean once you do all of the MS attractions and have time, hit the STP attractions. The HNT rating means I have not tried this attraction yet and cannot judge . Maybe bad on me and I am meaning to get to it. Or there is a reason to skip it. Although I hate to pass anything up I’ll mention why the HNT when I get to them. Please keep in mind, this is just my opinion. If your passing something I ranked as STP and it looks like fun and there is no line, jump on it. Nothings in Stone.

Main Street
There is plenty of places to shop and eat on Main Street, but as far as a Must See or MS, The only thing I would bring up would be get there early for Parade seats if you want to sit on Main Street. 45 Minutes at least. Other than that I would leave extra time on your way out of the park and check out the stores and food shops on either side of the street. The food offered is from snacks to candy to fast food to Sit down Table Service. I’ll talk all about food and shopping on Main Street at another time in another post.

Jungle Cruise: MS This is a boat ride through the jungle of animatronic animals and funny live Skippers.
Tiki Room: MS This is a dark room attraction with plenty of anamatronic birds all around. Don’t forget to look at the plants and the wood carvings everywhere.
Swiss Family Robinson: STP The Swiss Family Robinson Tree house is nice to see especially if you remember the movie. The problem is the walk-thru is single file and can be slow at times.
Pirates of the Caribbean: MS This is a dark attraction. Pretty calm boat ride except for one spot. Plenty of action and pirates. Keep your eyes peeled for Capt. Jack Sparrow
Alladin’s Carpet Ride: STP If you know the Dumbo ride, substitute a carpet for the elephant. Also, watch out, one of the Camels watching has a very bad habit.

Country Bear Jamboree: MS Great Fun every time.
Big Thunder: MS It’s a ‘roller coaster’ but no big hills and lots of scenery.
Tom Sawyer Island: HNT Will soon though. Looks like fun but never had the time.

Splash Mountain: MS This is a classic indoor/outdoor 'Song of the South' Log Flume ride. You can getvery wet on this one, so be prepared.
WDW Railroad Train Station: MS We use the WDW RR everytime we go. It's an MS for two reasons. First, it's a quick way to get to the other side of the park. Second, the train themselves are very cool. With Walt Disney's love of trains, the park keeps these trains well maintained and authentic in all reagards.

It’s a Small World: MS I list this as a must see attraction. However, if you ever get caught on this ride during a break-down of 5 minutes or more I could owe you a huge apology. Great for Kids. Plenty to see.
Peter Pans Flight: MS You fly in a ship over London and on to Never Never Land. Nuff Said. Really good detail all over.

Mickey's Philharmagic: MS This is an a great musical 3D adventure with the help of a lot of Disney Characters. Two points, it should be Donald's Philharmagic and look for the hidden Mickey whle waiting for the show to start.
Cinderella’s Carousel: STP Of course depending on the age of your Kids this can easily be an MS attraction. Standard Carousel. The white horse with the gold bow is Cinderella’s favorite mount.
Dumbo Ride: MS for 10 and under. STP for all others. We’ve all seen this on TV. Round and Round he goes. Usually a long wait after 11:00 am.
Snow White’s Scary Adventures MS. Although this could be a little scary for the younger kids.
Pooh's Playful Spot STP. This is a meet and greet play area for little kids.
Pooh Ride: MS. This is a very fun ride through the world of Winnie the Pooh.

The Mad Hatter’s Tea Cup ride: STP. If you like spinning rides, go for it. I have retired this ride from my ride list.

Toontown is mainly a meet and greet for characters. Mickey's and Minnie's houses and a Donald Duck Boat play area.
The Barnstormer at Goofy’s Wiseacre Farms Rollercoaster: MS for 10 and younger. For all others, too small.

Indy Speedway: STP. This has one of the slowest lines in the park. If there is already a line, forget about it for now and try later. It’s pretty much a kids ride.
Astro Orbiters: HNT. Not sure why not? Too many other things to do in tomorrowland I guess. It is on my MS list from now on.
Space Mountain: MS. Great queue displays going in and out. Rough roller coaster in the dark. Must ride every time I go to the parks though.
Carousel of Progress: MS. I say must see as a personal opinion. It is a dated attraction, true, but it is one of the best examples of an attraction that was designed by WD and was in the Worlds Fair of 1964. We’re talking history here.

Tomorrowland Transit Authority: MS. This is a slow ride through the attractions of Tomorrowland. You get a glimpse of all the rides except for Stitches escape. We saw Space Mountain lit up inside two trips ago.
Buzz LightYear: MS. A very family friendly ride. More than a dark attraction, it’s a space age shooting range. I bet I can score more than you. 999,990, beat that.
Stitches Escape: STP. This is a scary attraction. Not for small kids. I still smell the Chilli dog today.
Monster Inc., Laugh Floor:HNT. I will in November '07.

Liberty Square:
Haunted Mansion: MS Kinda scary but ok for some kids.
Liberty Square River Boat: HNT Never wanted to waste the time. As bad as that sounds, we will try with the next trip.

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I think you might be out of luck with Tom Sawyer's Island now, since they're turning it into a Pirates themed island. Honestly, you only missed out on sitting in rocking chairs, drinking lemonade and looking out over the park.