Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Presenting, the Haunted Mansion's, Master Brigante

Ricky Brigante of the Inside the Magic Podcast had a very special show this week. If you ever wanted to work at Disneyland, show # 115 will give you an idea what you would expect. If you have not followed his story, Ricky had won one of the Dream jobs offered through CareerBuilder.com at Disneyland. This was a contest where you sent in your video audition for a Disneyland Job. If you won the job, you would be invited into the park, trained and would work for one day. The jobs available were Haunted Mansion Butler/Maid, Jungle Cruise Skipper, High School Musical Dancer, Princess in Waiting, and Pirate. Ricky had sent CreerBuilder.com his audition tape for Haunted Mansion butler. Audition Video. It was posted with others online and you got to vote for the one you liked the best.
On the Job Video
The show this week was a re-cap of the week that the winners had out in Disneyland. Ricky invited some of the other winners onto his show so we hear all about all of the jobs. It sounded like the Pirates had the most fun of all, but all of the jobs sounded great. So listen to the Inside the Magic Podcast and keep your eyes open for any Hitch-hiking Ghosts.
Ricky just added another page to Inside the Magic that chronicals his trip and experiences in disneyland. Ricky's Dream Job Page. updated 7/2

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