Thursday, May 2, 2013

Monstrous Summer at Disney

A little while ago, the Execs at WDW put on a presentation at Epcot with a couple of our favorite Monsters as special HUGE guests.  The parks are happy to announce that this is going to be a Monstrous Summer of fun.  To start off, they are once again throwing  an all night party which is happening at the Magic Kingdom Park in Florida and Disneyland Park and Disney California Adventure park in California. The parks will stay open from 6 a.m., May 24 to 6 a.m., May 25, 2013.  Wish I could Go!  For those that missed it, here is the way it was announced.  Thanks to Ricky at Inside the Magic for the great video.

Her is another version of the video I found.  It looks like they did a test run first.  The other thing to take note is that the above I had assumed was on the back of SpaceShip Earth, but could not tell.  The below video of this announcement is done in an empty Epcot and it is defiantly the front of SpaceShip Earth.  Thanks to the Disney Parks Blog for getting this out there for us.

I was also lucky to find this third video of the event with some great behind the scenes interviews of the Imagineers who put this together.

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