Monday, April 8, 2013

Habit Heroes at Epcot

This is Hope's turn at a Blog post, so welcome our second guest blogger, Hope.

On Tuesday March 26, 2013, Dad, Quinn, and I went to Epcot. The one thing that stood out to me was an attraction in Innoventions. This attraction is called “Habit Heroes.” Habit Heroes is an attraction for all ages. Last time we went to Innoventions Habit Heroes was closed. This time it was open. Anyway, in this attraction you go through three rooms. The first room has sixteen circles spread evenly out on the floor. Each circle had a sensor in it to indicate your movement. When everyone takes their place on a circle a cast member explains what we will be doing in the attraction. The one thing the cast member teaches you is that when she or the agent says, “Now is the hour,” you have to say in return, “To build our power.”    The whole idea is that there are three villains who try to make you stay unhealthy. There are three agents who help you defeat the three bad guys. One bad guy makes you dehydrated, his color is blue. One makes you be lazy and not go outside and exercise and his color is red. The last one makes you eat unhealthy, his color is green. These three bad guys are invisible so you cannot see them in the real world. The first room was defending ourselves and how to throw moves to beat the bad guys. You follow different move patterns as sensors detect if your doing the move right and moving shapes on the big screen show your movement.

The second room was protecting our city and has guns set up along two walls.  Groups of three for one red, one green and one blue.  We each then shot the bad guy that matched our color gun as he came down the screen. The third room was protecting our world.  We ran around the whole room touching the colored card the CM gave us to lights on the wall to match the bad guys coming down to get us. 

Well we won.  We also got a nice rubber bracelet to match the color that we played.  Dad got a Red one, Quinn got a Green one and I got a Blue one.  We had a really fun time with this and hope to do it again.

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