Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Show # 31 of The "WGTWDW" Podcast

Hello and welcome to show # 31!  On this show we take a break from the conversation and spend some time with sounds from the parks.  We've done this kind of show before and I personally love to listen to these kind of shows.  I'm a Disney Geek to the core, so even hearing sounds from the parks gets me really happy. 


On other Disney Podcasts that do this I love to listen, figure out where the clip is from and then see if I get any memory responses from when we did or saw what we were listening to.  As we do shows like this down the road, consider them a tribute to Paul and the Window To the Magic Podcast.  He owns this idea with is Disneyland park walkthroughs, Awesome

I mentioned on the show that these audio clips came from video, so below are the video segements I got these from.  There out of order and I might have missed one or two, but most of the are there.

Thanks again to Jim and Kim over at Once Upon at Time Travel, contact them when making plans for your next trip. 
And for Quinn, Hope, George and Ed, thanks for listening.  Email us at  and go to Itunes and give us a review.  And, we're up on Facebook.  Stop by and give us a LIKE!  Enjoy the videos!

We took this first video a while back, but it's still great.  Sam the Eagle is so straight and get's taken by Gonzo and Rizzo the Rat, Classic!

The next clip is Yehaa Bob Jackson who performs over at the River Roost at the Port Orleans Riverside Hotel.  This is a great show and if you ever have the chance, please go.  I've gone three times in the last 4 trips. It's a great place to Meet up with friends!

This is the Animal Kingdom Parade.  As I mentioned on the show, we're not Parade people anymore now that the kids are older.  But as we were walking along a Cast member was cutting off the walk-way to set-up for the parade.  Well, since we were there, we watched the parade.  Very fun!

Here is part of the Captain jack Tutorial.  I actually had put two different videos together to give you more of a taste of the show.

And now the Nemo clip.  This is such a great show, as a father the message really hits home to me.  This is a broadway quality show.  We've seen it every time we've been in AK.  Very cool to see the same actors as we go back doing different parts.

In this next clip, these guys are great.  If I could only play an instrument like these guys can. It's always worth a couple minutes to stop and watch a couple of songs.

And the last clip for today, is of course, Wishes.  We love this fireworks show.  I've watched my kids grow up from them sleeping through it, to the ear plugs and hugs to get them through it.  Now there telling us where to watch from.  Priceless!

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