Friday, March 8, 2013

Websites to Check-out: Disney-pal

I am a member of the forums over at the Be Our Guest Podcast.  It's a great place to find out and share Disney information.  Every day, one of the great members over there posts a picture that the rest of us try to guess from where at WDW it comes from.  My method in guessing is to go from memory, then from my pictures, then to the Internet.  Well there is a hard picture out there now and I had to go to phase 3, the Internet.  Lucky for me.  I found a great Disney Parks web site that has every American Disney park and even Disneyland Paris.  This is the Disney-pal website.
After you select the park above you then select a park section and then either Attractions, Shopping, Entertainment or Restaurants.  Every location at Walt Disney World has been chronicled on the Disney-pal .  Each location page has some very sharp pictures and a description.   If it's a restaurant you've selected, there are menus with prices. 
With a Ride  or Entertainment page you might get a video from the attraction or an audio clip.  There are really cool facts and information written on each of these pages also.  There was a great video of a family starting the Agent P game at Epcot.
The Disney-pal web site is one of those sites that makes searching the Internet so worth while.  This is a quality site with A-1 information about Walt Disney World.  It is in my Favorites and I am now obsessed to see if they really have every location.
Make sure you check out this web site and don't forget the take a look at the Resort Page


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