Friday, March 15, 2013

2013 Star Wars Weekend Poster Released

Every year I wait for the one event that combines two of my favorite Pop Culture icons, Star Wars and Disney, Star Wars WeekendsThis is an event that occurs 4 weekends in a row usually the end of May through the beginning of June.  This year it goes from May 17th, thru June 9th.  The event draws 1000's down to Disney Hollywood Studios for those four weekends.  The events include autograph sessions, exclusive merchandise, a special parade and a really funny dance session/contest known as the Hyperspace Hoopla to close each weekend down.  There are also various information sessions and interviews.  They just released the official logo for 2013.  And here it is.

Their celebrating the 30th anniversary of the release of the Return of the Jedi.  Hence Mickey and Chip and Dale cruising through the forest of Endor. Each weekend it is traditional to have a host.  For this year the hosting duties will be split between Warwick Davis (former Ewok among other SW roles) and Ray Park, otherwise known as Darth Maul. 
If you are planning to make the trip to SWW here are a couple of things to keep in mind.  If you are going for Rope Drop, plan on going early.  Lines form as early as 6:00am.  The process for buying merchandise and getting autographs is run by tickets that you get as you come into the park.  To see what the parade and the Dance show looks like, let YouTube be your friend.  As far as the Hoopla goes, does anyone else think it's kind of weird/icky seeing Amidala and Lei dancing together?

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