Monday, April 30, 2012

Lost Sunglasses...Found!

I wanted to pass on a recent experience from our last trip.  We were at Magic Kingdom and onto the first ride of the day, Space Mountain.  As we were just leaving the SM building, Lesley, the wife, realized that she forgot her sunglasses on the ride.  She had left them in the little pocket they have inside the rocket car.  We told the Cast Member at the entrance and she called in to her co-workers.  The report was "No Problem"  they'll go through the rockets as they cycle through and to stop back in an hour.  Well, we stopped back and no luck.  There was a different CM who did not know about our issue so we asked him to radio to the other part of the crew, as the first CM did to see if they had found them.  No luck.  We did get the stop back in an hour spiel, but we stopped back about three hours later but no luck.   
A long time ago we had lost a phone.  The story we got was that every hour any lost items are then sent to the Guest Relations desk at the front of each park.  At the end of the day all items are brought to the lost and found office located over at the T&T center.  That time we were staying at the Poly so we double lucked out.  They found the phone and it was close enough to walk to get it. 
So with that in mind we stopped at Guest Service before leaving the Magic Kingdom that night.  Lesley left a very specific description with an address and we left.  We were driving out first thing the next morning so we had basically written these sun glasses off.  Did I mention that they were prescription and designer?  Of course, right?  Can't we for once lose the pair of sunglasses that we got at the dollar store?
A couple of weeks after we got home, look at the letter that came with the lost Sunglasses.
And people ask why we go back to WDW, this is one of many reasons.  You can count on the above and beyond from all of their staff.  Thanks Bob, and all others involved with getting the sunglasses back to us.

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MeGaN said...

Came across your blog...I love it!
We go to Disney World at least once a year. Anyway, we have been fortunate enough to not lose anything at the world but so glad that I now know that if we do, there is a great chance of getting it back.

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