Saturday, April 28, 2012

The "WGTWDW" Podcast Show #16

For our 16th show we once again spin the wheel of Attractions.  The wheel on this episode stopped on Monsters Inc. Laugh Floor.   We all agree that this was a great attraction.  The kids spill that I was once “That Guy!” and we throw out some ideas about freshening up the show down the road with the release of Monsters Inc. 2. 
Backside of BTMR

We then take a nice leisurely ride on the Liberty Belle in the Magic Kingdom.  This was our first time and with most things we do for the first time at WDW we were kicking ourselves for not doing it sooner.  We have the complete audio recording from our ride for your listening pleasure.  Did you ever notice that any audio that comes out of WDW always has a crying baby?  Well we’ve got ours.  We also got to watch and listen to a whistle duel between the train and the riverboat as we were passing the second Indian village.  Also listen for the breathing of the riverboat.  At some parts of the audio it’s very loud.  Headphones are suggested.
We then announce the winner of our contest from Show # 15.  Nathan S. answered the question: Who was the mother of Huey, Louie and Dewey?  The answer was Della.  Nathan was lucky enough to have the right answer and been picked out of the hat.  His Figment party pin is on it’s way to him.  Thanks to all who entered the contest.
Looks like Boston
The Whistle Battle Foe
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See you next Show.  Kungaloosh!!!

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Russell H said...

Congrats to Nathan on winning the pin. Ed- looks like you have at least 2 listeners now- Doubled you followers in the last 10 episodes! lol

Keep going and it will keep growing.

Another great show.