Sunday, June 10, 2012

Youtube Gold: Walt Disney Resort Walk Around Video

While fully immersed in a Game of "Where Was This Picture Taken?" over at the Be Our Guest Podcast Forums, I came across this series of videos on Youtube.  If your from the BOGP forums, skip to the next paragraph.  Thanks :-)

One of my main tools for helping confirm where I've seen a picture are the Walt Disney World videos uploaded to Youtube by the UndercoverTourist guys.  You might know them from a post I did earlier this year as the Ticket people, well it seems they have some great video skills.  They've got some great videos of almost every attraction a location in the parks.  Their walkthroughs of the Epcot Countries are very complete and actually relaxing.

When your feeling homesick for Walt Disney World, check out Undercover Tourist on Youtube and get your fix.

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