Monday, June 2, 2008

YouTube Gold:Looking Back through WDW TV Commercials

Here is another example of how Youtube is a Disney Geeks best friend. I was playing around the other day and came across some past Walt Disney World Commercials. There are a lot of them out there ranging from the early 1970's to David Cook, from American Idol, and his promise of going to WDW. As I watched these again I could remember most of them. Each from some different time as I grew up. It is also an incredible snapshot of a particular time. The way people are dressed shows a lot in how America looked at the time. Seeing the promise of new attractions that are now retired or old but true favorites is certainly a great nostalgic thrill also. How about Capt. Eo as a main attraction and the tease of a brand new Park Named Disney's MGM Studios? The other side is noting how these 30-60 second ADVERTISING spots are just that, advertising. You must keep that in mind while viewing. The full range of emotions are conveyed through various methods. Very effective. In fact, I want to go right now. See ya! ...I wish. Below are some links to the better of the commercials that I saw out there on the Youtube. If you want to see more, do a search on Walt Disney World Commercial, there are a ton.
This first embedded Video is a perfect example of how someone 'Gets it'. By 'Gets It' I mean the time when a person instead of saying, "Why are you going to Disney World again this year?" fianlly Gets It and is the person that now says, "We're going back to WDW again this year, wanna go?" I give the Disney advertising team a Big Gold star on picking up on this theme and making such a good commercial around it.

This is one of the first TV commercials for WDW. It's a little scary and odd, but I remembered it as soon as I saw the dwarfs. WDW 1971
This commercial from Delta has a lot of great flash-backs.
Here are a couple that can only be termed as before and after
. We did both the before and the complaints. Before=No Kids After=It's all about the Kids and again, After
As for emotional, if you have a little girl, this one will make you cry...just a little. Princess
Don't forget Disney Fans Yotube is your Friend. See you next time.

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