Sunday, June 8, 2008

Does NASA have a Corporate Sponsor in Disney?

Coming back from the store this afternoon I was listening to the local news radio station and heard a report on how the NASA Space Shuttle crew were awakened this morning by the theme from the Mickey Mouse Club. Here's a LINK to the official NASA site, click on the correct format for Day 9. This follows hearing last week that Buzz Lightyear had indeed made it into space on this latest Space Shuttle flight also. And, as I read in this article there was a microphone stand from ESPN also going up in this flight. Pilot Ken Hamm is going to be on the Mike and Mike show, if he has not already. The flight also took a couple of other items into orbit including jerseys from Lance Armstrong and Eli Manning. So there is an ESPN tie in also. One other item that I knew about but did not put any importance on a the time was the NASA Space Day at WDW in Sept. of 2007. They are both in Florida so a little inter-state friendship is never a bad thing, but I wonder if the always $$$ strapped agency might be making a couple of bucks on this.

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