Tuesday, March 18, 2008

YouTube Gold:The Disney Family Album

Youtube has been a great thing for Disney Fans. You can view videos with all manner of Disney themes. I have seen great ride videos from the parks. Do you remember that Tigger beating incident? Some very cool coming attractions for upcoming Disney movies and a whole lot more. One of the most valuable finds I have made on Youtube is a collection of videos from a show in the Disney Channel past's Vault Disney that interviewed and biographied Walt's Nine Old Men. The shows title was the Disney Family Album. These are broken up into three parts per artist. I had found this a couple of months ago, but Dan and Eric's Mouseguest Podcast show last week was about Walt's Nine old men, hence the post.

This is Woolie Reitherman's part 1. The others are listed below.

I have read some of the Disney biographies and I have read a number of interviews of the artists that helped Walt begin his empire. These videos have given me a chance to see these gentleman and hear from them what the entire experience was like in the earlier days of Disney Studios. As they discuss how they started with Disney and their ever expanding responsibilities thruoght the good and bad, these gentlemen always have a certain smile on their faces when ever their memories come across a story about that talks about Walt specifically.

A big thanks goes out to Loosetoon and Cookedart, who posted all of these videos to Youtube.

Frank Thomas Ollie Johntson Ken Anderson Eric Larson

Ward Kimball Marc Davis Milt Kahl

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